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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many children in Southeast Asia aren’t consuming enough whole grain on the breakfast table. Nestle breakfast cereals aim to change all that.


Via a quantitative study we discovered that:

“the majority of mums are not making active food choices for early prevention of obesity, heart disease & diabetes for their children. “


Inspired by this insight, Nestle launched a regional campaign on theAsianparent platforms to raise the awareness of the importance of early disease prevention via content (articles, infographics, videos, etc), which tied in the brand messaging of how whole grains in Nestle cereals help prevent such diseases and thus is a healthy breakfast option for children.

Overall the campaign we created resonated with our mums and got them to rethink the importance of whole grain. How do we know that? Because we did a perception & brand checking study just before the campaign started, and right after the campaign finished.

And we saw a 20% increase amongst Indonesian mums who strongly agreed that whole grains are an essential part of a balanced breakfast. Both Philippines and Indonesia showed a considerable increase in the percentage of mums who strongly agree that whole grains help prevent obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Across the countries, mums’ awareness of Nestle cereals primarily made of whole grains increased from 78% to 81%.

Nestle cereals


Mission accomplished!