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Mama’s Choice is a direct-to-consumer brand that is committed to giving mums peace of mind by offering products that are naturally safe, for mother and baby.

The objective was to deliver insights-backed recommendations for the development of innovative & consumer-centric products.

Here is what we did to shape one of Mama’s Choice best-selling product – Intensive Nipple Cream, for the Indonesia market.


Initial Survey

From an initial survey, we identified moms’  most pressing pain point during breastfeeding, the top triggers when purchasing nipple cream, preferred ingredients, form, as well as size.

Concept Test

With the insights uncovered from the initial survey, the Mama’s Choice team put together a product concept, and we conducted a concept test to evaluate the viability of the concept.

Formulation Test

With the high concept success score indicating the potential high adoption of this concept, Mama’s Choice’s innovation team shared a few formulations for us to test against other competitors’ products in the market.


Packaging Test & Price Analysis

After confirming the product formulation, we moved on to the next step in the innovation cycle – packaging test & price analysis. In this study, we adopted both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to understand not just “what” but also “why”.



This product has been one of Mama’s Choice’s best-sellers since launch and received tons of 5 star reviews online.

This is really good. Effective. Relieve sensitive skin, redness, dryness, blisters, even bleeding. The most important thing, it is also safe for my baby without having to be rinsed.”

“Finally I found the suitable nipple cream for me, quickly absorbed, practical. This is my second purchase, thank you Mama’s Choice!”