Advertising to Moms in Southeast Asia

A report on gaps between marketers & moms in Southeast Asia.


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Executive Summary


Mums in Southeast Asian countries are also called C.H.O. (Chief Household Officers) as they make the purchase decisions for various product categories in their families. However, this decision-making process undergoes a transition once they enter motherhood.

How is advertising to moms in Southeast Asia like today? What do mothers in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia want to see in advertisements?

theAsianparent Insights has conducted in-depth research in 6 countries to help businesses understand the change in their purchase decision criteria.

Demographics of the Respondents

Mums living in highly internet-penetrated areas in Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are the targets of this study. We usually refer to these mums as “Digital Mums.”

A total of 3,600 mums are a part of this study. 1,087 of the respondents are digital mums from Thailand. 814 are digital moms from the Philippines. 606 are digital mums from Malaysia. 515 of the digital mums are from Indonesia. Lastly, 271 are digital mum respondents from Singapore.

The majority of the participants in this study are aged 25-32.

Q: What happens to the purchasing habits of women after starting a family?

The purchasing criteria of women change after becoming mums. The top category that increases in their purchasing criteria once they enter motherhood is groceries or food and beverages. High ticket items such as cars and travel-related purchases become their lowest priorities.

Q: How many females in Southeast Asia change their purchase criteria after becoming moms?

8 out of 10 moms agreed that they changed their purchase criteria after becoming mums. One thing to take note of is, the larger the family size, the higher the chances of having changes in purchasing criteria.

Q: Can mums relate to the moms they see in commercials?

The majority of moms expressed that they find it difficult to relate with moms shown in commercials. Commercials show moms being beautiful & confident whereas they miss out on – stressful, emotional, and anxious which are quite synonymous with motherhood.

Q- What changes you would like to see in media/advertisements?

More than one-half of moms agreed that brands should have a storyline that is more authentic & relatable to their current lifestyle, struggles, and joys.


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