Young Families Sentiment Barometer – the COVID-19 Aftermath

Understanding the hopes, dreams, fears and ambitions of Southeast Asia young families in the pandemic aftermath.


What’s Inside

Executive Summary


2020 is undeniably an unusual year, with the world threatened by the global health crisis – COVID-19. What made it worse was the unprecedented economic hit for most industries – and the resultant uncertainty over jobs.

Our COVID-19 study, conducted in late March, revealed that 91% of parents across the Southeast Asia region were expecting tough times ahead. So what are the hopes, dreams, fears, and ambitions of these families in the pandemic aftermath? How is their spending behaviour like, towards big-ticket items and new product launches? And what do brands need to do to create a lasting connection with young families, as Gen Z become parents and start families?

theAsianparent Insights brings you the Young Families Sentiment Barometer that deconstructs the mindsets of parents in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam.


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