Holiday Season Report 2021: Singapore

The holiday seasons in Singapore are one of the only times where families get to relax and have fun together. In this report, we explore the behaviour of Singaporean mums during the holiday seasons in the year 2021, almost two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began.


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Singaporeans are known to be certified workaholics. However, during the holiday seasons, they drop everything and enjoy the occasions. Ranging from simple to extravagant, feasts and gift-giving cannot be absent during the holidays in Singapore. However, no matter how small or grand the celebrations may be, mums are always guaranteed to lead them.

This report investigates the shopping behaviour of Singaporean mothers during the holiday seasons in the year 2021, almost two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began. How do SG mums spend their time and hard-earned money? Has the pandemic changed their holiday shopping behaviours? 

Below are the highlights and questions answered in this report:

Demographics of the Holiday Season Report 2021: Singapore

A total of 466 Singaporean mums, aged 18-45 were surveyed for this report. Among these mums, 37% has a monthly household income of SGD5,000-8,000, while the rest are earning above.

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Q: What is the most anticipated holiday in Singapore by Singaporean mums?

Because the majority of Singapore’s population is Chinese, the most anticipated holiday by Singaporean mums is quite obvious – Chinese New Year. The second most anticipated holiday in the country is Christmas.

Q: What are Singaporean mums’ top activities during the holidays?

The number 1 activity of Singaporean mums during the holidays is visiting friends and family at home. Since the majority of Singapore’s population is already vaccinated,  it’s no doubt that everyone’s excited to spend the holidays with each other again.

This is closely followed by sending money, gifts or other treats, hosting dinner for friends and family, going to malls/shops for shopping, and decorating the home.

It seems that SG mums have missed shopping physically as they are more eager to shop inside malls than online for this year’s holiday season. However, when buying gifts, online channels still win over their preference.

Q: How much money do mums spend on gifts during the holidays?

According to the data we have gathered, more than half of mums purchase at least 5 gifts for their loved ones during holidays. When purchasing these gifts, mums spend around 4% of their monthly income. On average, the total amount is SGD470.

Q: Who do Singaporean mums purchase these gifts for?

The majority of gifts purchased by mums go to their children. However, a lot of these gifts also go to relatives, their spouses, and friends. A small percentage of the gifts even go to these mothers’ neighbourhoods.

When giving these gifts, more than half of SG mums prefer to give them out personally rather than sending them through delivery couriers, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Q: How do mums allocate budget for holiday gifts and activities?

59% of Singaporean mums have stated that they do not have a fixed budget for holiday spendings.

According to our data, the older the mum is, the less fixed their budgets are likely to be. However, despite Singaporean mums having more relaxed budgets during the holiday seasons, they are still heavily persuaded by discounts especially when purchasing big-ticket items.

Q: Are mums still on social media during the holiday season?

No matter how busy the holiday seasons are, mums still spend an average of 3 hours on social media during these festivities. Posting warm messages during the holiday seasons can help your brand connect with mums in a meaningful way.

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