COVID-19 Wave II: The Digital Consumption of Filipino Mothers

Understanding Filipino mothers’ digital consumption & behaviors amidst the pandemic lockdown.


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Executive Summary


In these times of national lockdowns, working from home and limiting outdoor movement has become the norm. Because of this, fewer avenues of entertainment are available.  As a result, the digital consumption of Filipino moms has sky-rocketed.

theAsianparent Insights has conducted in-depth research to provide a detailed perspective of the increasing digital consumption by Filipino mothers.

Below are some of the highlights and questions answered in this report:

Demographics of the Respondents

A total of 930 Filipina digital m0ms were surveyed for this report.

63% of the digital m0ms surveyed are Millennials (ages 25 – 39) while the rest are from Gen Z (ages 24 & below).  For more details on the respondents’ demographics, please see the full report.

COVID-19 caused a surge in both internet and broadcast TV usage

62% of Filipina digital m0ms started watching more TV while 77% started spending more time on the internet amidst COVID social restrictions. Among these m0ms, more than half increased their TV and internet usage by 1 – 4 hours. 18% of our digital m0ms increased their usage by 8 hours!

Most Pinay digital m0ms are not yet consuming modern, non-visual media

When online asked which activities they rarely do online, 82% of Pinay m0ms mentioned that they do not play PC games. However, the most notable takeaway from this part of the report is that more than half of Filipina digital m0ms also do not consume e-books, audiobooks, and podcasts.

It’s either non-visual media aren’t ideal for Filipina digital m0ms or non-visual media that target Filipina m0ms can further improve to increase effectiveness.

Q: What are Filipina m0ms watching?

The top things that the majority of Pinay m0ms watch are 1) Parenting videos, 2) Funny videos, 3) Broadcast TV, and 4) Online TV (e.g Netflix).

Q: What are the top activities that Filipino moms do online, multiple times a day?

Filipino moms tend to use the internet the most to check what’s currently going on in their social media pages (87%).

Other top activities they participate in are browsing parenting apps/websites (76%), messaging friends & families (71%), searching for information (69%), reading news & articles (64%), and watching videos/streaming TV (61%).

Q: What are the peak hours for Filipino moms on social media?

The result of moms spending more time online is less distinctive peak hours. However, during weekends later mornings occur and higher usage is observed from 8 pm onwards.

Q: How do Filipino moms shop for FMCG products online (milk powder, diapers, and baby care products)?

More than 30% of Filipino moms have mentioned that when shopping online, they visit a category and browse through the products. Just like how they would browse an aisle at a grocery store!

Q: What kind of written content are Filipino moms consuming the most during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, the kind of written content Filipino moms is consuming the most are COVID-related content (93%). Second, comes parenting and kids related articles (85%). This highlights the time-proof nature of parenting content and the insatiable appetite of moms to learn more about parenting.

Aside from parenting and kids related content, they also like reading about baby product reviews (50%) and cooking recipes (50%).

Q: Where do Filipina digital m0ms get parenting-related information?

82% of Filipina digital m0ms get information from parenting websites. Aside from these websites, they also source information from social media (54%), their friends & family (56%), and from medical professionals (63%).

Q: What are the top social media and messaging apps for the Philippines’ digital moms?

The top social media apps of the m0ms in order are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok. However, 32% of m0ms feel like they should be spending less time on Facebook.

On the messaging side, 99% of Pinay digital moms use Facebook Messenger. The use of Viber has been rising, but the messaging app market in the country is still dominated by Messenger.

Q: How frequently do m0ms in the Philippines shop online?

When compared to other countries in the Southeast Asia region, Filipina moms have the least percentage of frequent online shoppers. 35% of them only shop online once every few months while 16% have never shopped online before. Although, a good percentage of Filipina moms still do shop online frequently.

When shopping online, the e-commerce platform they prefer the most is Shopee. However, a lot of m0ms also shop through Facebook, Instagram, and Lazada.

Q: Which e-wallet do Filipina moms prefer to use?

56% of Filipina moms prefer to use Gcash as their e-wallet.

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