COVID-19 Wave II: The Digital Consumption of Indonesian Mothers

Understanding Indonesian mothers’ digital consumption & behaviors amidst the pandemic lockdown.


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Executive Summary


In these times of national lockdowns, working from home and limiting outdoor movement has become the norm. Because of this, fewer avenues of entertainment are available.  As a result, the digital consumption of Singaporean moms has sky-rocketed.

TheAsianparent Insights has conducted in-depth research to provide a detailed perspective of the increasing digital consumption by Indonesian mothers.

Below are some of the questions this research provides answers to:

Q: What are the top activities that Indonesian moms do online, multiple times a day?

Indonesian moms tend to use the internet the most to check what’s currently going on in their social media pages (90%).

Other top activities they participate in are messaging friends & family (83%), searching for information (82%), browsing parenting app/websites (71%), reading news & articles (69%), and watching videos/streaming TV (61%).

Q: What are the peak hours for Indonesian moms on social media?

The result of moms spending more time online are less distinctive peak hours. However, subtle peak hours can still be observed from 8am-12pm and 6pm – 10pm on weekdays and 8pm – 12am on weekends.

Q: How do Indonesian moms shop for FMCG products online (milk powder, diapers, and baby care products)?

About 30% of Indonesian moms have mentioned that when shopping online, they visit a category and browse through the products. Just like how they would browse an aisle at a grocery store!

Q: What kind of content are Indonesian moms consuming the most during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, the kind of content Indonesian moms are consuming the most are parenting-related content (83%). This highlights the time-proof nature of parenting content and the insatiable appetite of moms to learn more about parenting.

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