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Take a look at how Vietnamese mothers are consuming digital services in 2021.


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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital growth in Vietnam has immensely accelerated. This has brought lasting changes to Vietnamese mothers’ digital behaviours. These changes include how they make daily decisions, such as choosing where to shop or when to browse Facebook.

Although these changes seem little for others, this affects the marketing of many brands. Especially those who have products and services that cater to young families.

Our team here at theAsianparent Insights conducted a survey in the country to find out how Vietnamese mums are behaving digitally in the year 2021.

Below are the highlights of this report:

Demographics of VN digital mum survey respondents

A total number of 504 digital mum respondents was surveyed for this report. 26% of them are living in Ho Chi Minh, 16% in Hanoi, while 58% live in other areas of Vietnam.

Among these digital mum respondents, 14% have an average household monthly income of above 20.8M VND, 30% are earning 12.5M to 20.8M VND, 39% are earning 4M – 12.5M VND, while 17% are earning 4M VND below per month. For other details on the respondents’ demographics, please see the full report.

Vietnamese mums are the caretakers and decision-makers of the household

Among the Vietnamese mums surveyed, 77% takes care of their children themselves. This is evidence that a lot of mums in Vietnam knows their children better than their spouses or other members of the family because they spend most of their time with their kids.

Because of this, they are considered the decision-makers of the household as they know the needs of their family better than anyone. When shopping, 90% of mothers in Vietnam shop for products and choose the brand of products themselves.

Gadget ownership of Vietnamese digital mum survey respondents

87% of mothers in Vietnam owns a smartphone, while 36% owns either a desktop or a laptop, which is fairly low when compared to other countries in the region. Among these smartphone owners, 40% uses Samsung, making it the top owned smartphone brand in the country for Vietnamese mums.

One-third of Vietnamese digital mums rely on mobile data for their daily internet needs

Around 1/3 of Vietnamese mums rely on mobile data for internet access at home, while 31% use Standard internet and 30% use Fibre internet. Despite having lower gadget ownership than neighbouring countries, Vietnam’s adaptation of Fibre internet is fairly high.

In relation to this, the top used telecom brand by VN mothers is Viettel which is used by 61% of digital mums.

Internet use of Vietnamese digital mums

Over 70% of mums in VN use the internet whenever they catch a break from the office or household work. Around 60% of all mums also surf the internet before sleeping at night. However, affluent mums and working mums tend to surf the internet more than other mums.

While on the internet, these mums use social media the most, with an average daily use of 3 hours per day.

Social media usage among Vietnamese mothers

Mothers in Vietnam use Facebook the most. 96% of these digital mums use Facebook, while 86% use Youtube. Unlike other countries in the region, the usage of Instagram for mothers is lower in Vietnam, at only 42%.

Despite that, VN mums are not behind trends. 49% of these mums use the more youth-oriented app, Tiktok.

When they are on social media, mums like posting photos/videos the most. In the past 3 months, 75% have shared their own photos and videos on their social media pages which is why mums make good targets for user-generated content. Other things they like doing best on social media are searching for reviews of products and other activities related to online commerce.

The majority of mums in VN use food delivery, transport, and healthcare apps

only 36% of mothers don’t use food delivery apps and 22% do not use transport apps. While 37% of Thai mums are still not using healthcare apps!

Mums will continue to shop online even after the pandemic

After the pandemic, Vietnamese mothers are expecting to still continue online shopping regularly. 75% are firm about this. 10% will reduce online shopping and 13% are not yet sure. Only 2% of moms in Vietnam are going to stop online shopping post-COVID.

The majority of mums use Shopee for online shopping

87% of Vietnamese mothers are online shopping. Many of these mums prefer to use Shopee for online shopping. 68% of them do! While their second favourite is Lazada at 15%.

Mums like checking product reviews and compare prices before buying online

When buying online, mums in Vietnam do a lot of research before checking out their carts. These mums like checking product reviews on the e-commerce pages of what they’re thinking of buying and other reviews on social media platforms.`

Vietnamese mothers also like comparing the prices of products in retail stores and other platforms.

Online parenting apps for tracking child development and seeking advice

Among the digital mums surveyed, the majority of them use parenting apps to track their children’s development or their own pregnancies. When they’re not tracking these, they’re interacting with the community or seeking advice from their fellow parents in the app.

Mums in Vietnam are catching up to the usage of streaming platforms

Although 73% of mums in the country are not yet subscribed to OTT apps, 27% are catching up and the numbers continue to grow with time. Of these OTT users, 41% are subscribed to VTV which makes it the top used streaming platform for mums in the country.

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