Holiday Season Report 2022: Thailand

Explore the holiday shopping habits of Thai moms two years after the pandemic started.


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The pandemic has created both challenges and opportunities for most of the fast-moving consumer goods/consumer packaged sector, especially in terms of shopping behaviour during holidays. Using our syndicated survey data from theAsianparent profiles, this report investigates the holiday season shopping behaviour of Thai moms, especially when it comes to purchasing gifts for their loved ones.

Like every other holiday, moms lead the shopping sprees during these occasions. Over two years after the pandemic has started, has their shopping habits changed? Do they still prefer to shop online? Let’s find out.

Below are the highlights and the questions answered in this report:

Demographics of the Holiday Season Report 2022: Thailand

A total of 502 Thai moms, aged 18-45 were surveyed for this report. Among these moms, 20% are in social economic group A, 33% are in the social economic group D, and 35% are in the social-economic group C.

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Q: What is the most anticipated holiday in Thailand by Thai moms?

Songkran is Thailand’s new year celebration and their country’s national holiday. As it is the most popular holiday in Thailand, it’s no surprise that it’s the most anticipated holiday by Thai moms. 71% of Thai moms celebrate Songkran.

The second most anticipated holiday in the country is Christmas, where 56% of moms celebrate it.

Q: What are Thai moms’ top activities during the holidays?

The number 1 activity of Thai moms during the holidays is hosting dinner for friends and family. Now that vaccinations are more widespread, it’s no doubt that Thai moms are excited to spend the holidays with each other again.

However, for moms who are still cautious or are apart from their friends/family, virtual gatherings are still very important. The second top activity of Thai moms during Songkran these days are having virtual gatherings with their friends/family.

But what about the shopping activity of Thai moms? This year, Thai moms are eager to go shopping inside malls again. They are still shopping online, but shopping in malls is their top 3 holiday activity.

Q: How much money do moms spend on gifts during the holidays?

According to the data we have gathered, more than half of moms purchase more than 5 gifts for their loved ones during holidays. When purchasing these gifts, moms spend around 10% of their monthly income. On average, the total amount is Rp 6,375 THB.

Q: Who do Thai moms purchase these gifts for?

The majority of gifts purchased by Thai moms go to their children (84%). However, a lot of these gifts also go to their spouses (63%), relatives (60%), and friends (32%).

Q: How do moms allocate their budget for holiday gifts and activities?

75% of Thai moms have stated that they have a fixed budget for holiday spending. Because of this, most Thai moms are still heavily persuaded by discounts especially when purchasing big-ticket items. However, despite of that, 70% of them are still able to loosen their budgets in case their spending exceeds their planned budgets.

Q: Are moms still on social media during the holiday season?

No matter how busy the holiday seasons are, moms still spend an average of 4.6 hours on social media during these festivities. Posting fun and warm messages during the holiday seasons can help your brand connect with moms in a meaningful way.

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