Digital Mom Survey 2022: Thailand

Explore Thailand moms’ Digital Consumption with theAsianparent Insights!


What’s Inside

Executive Summary


COVID-19 has brought about lasting changes to our lives, be it work life or personal life. Our team here at theAsianparent Insights conducted a survey in Thailand to dive into the mind of a digitally-connected mum and discover how they behave digitally today. The latest edition of the Digital Mom Survey (DMS) also illustrated the increase in social media usage this year with an average spent about 6 hours both during the weekends and weekdays.

Some of the key highlights from the survey features:

1. Time of the day to best connect with mums digitally

2. Moms are still enjoying their time as a content creator

3. Rising influence of Tiktok or short form content

4. Top preferred content type both on Social media

5. Purchase behaviours for baby products online

6. Product reviews over prices when purchasing online.

7. Other online behavior related to TV streaming, e-consultation, and transportation/food delivery apps usage


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