Dadvertising 2021: Thailand

Branding, marketing, and advertising to Thai dads in 2021. Read all about the insights you need in this report to help you target dads effectively in today’s age.


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The world continues to progress and grow away from outdated mindsets. As societies change, the roles of men and women in these societies change along with it. Dads were once seen as the money makers of the household, while we perceive mothers as the caretakers of it. In the year 2021, these stereotypes continue to slowly fade away.

In general, this change is good for the progression of our society. We are finally beginning to step into a world where everyone is given equal opportunities. However, these changes mean different things for people in business and marketing. Since roles are changing, the way we do business are bound to change as well.

In this report, we study and explore the behaviour of dads and how much their roles in the household have changed. Now that the role of fathers is becoming more different, we also take a look at the best ways to advertise to dads in the year 2021.

Below are the highlights and questions answered in this report:

Demographic of the Dadvertising Report

A total of 41 dads were interviewed for this report. The opinions of 431 mums were also collected to support the findings. All in all, 464 mums and dads (ages 18 – 45) participated in the study.

Q: How do mums and dads take care of their children?

According to our findings, 87% of mums agreed that they lead when taking care of their babies but they expect dads to contribute while doing so.

Q: What are the typical activities of parents when raising their babies?

There are 4 regular activity categories that mums and dads do while raising their babies. They are 1) daily baby activities, 2) information search, 3) shopping for baby products, and 4) spending time with baby.

Under these categories, there are a total of 23 activities. To read more about these activities, please download the report to continue reading.

Q: Do dads change their babies’ diapers?

Our findings have found that 52% of dads change their babies’ diapers sometimes and 15% most of the time. Dads who help change diapers more often, help more than once a day.

Q: Do dads use theAsianparent app?

Our study has shown that 34% of dads visit theAsianparent app multiple times a day. On average, dads visit our app 11 times a week.

When browsing the TAP app, dads like reading articles (82%) and using app trackers (61%) best.  61% of these dads found out about theAsianparent app by hearing it from their wives.

Q: What are dads’ roles in family purchases?

The majority of FMCG products to be bought for the family are still decided by mums. However, dads are highly involved in the decision-making process when it comes to availing of “high-involvement services” such as toys & developmental tools, hospitals, and schools.

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