Digital Mum Survey 2021 Indonesia

Take a look at how Indonesian Mothers are consuming digital services in 2021.


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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital growth in Indonesia has immensely accelerated. This has brought lasting changes to Indonesian mothers’ digital behaviours. These changes include how they make daily decisions, such as choosing where to shop or when to browse Facebook.

Although these changes seem little for others, this affects the marketing of many brands. Especially those who have products and services that cater to young families.

Our team here at theAsianparent Insight conducted a survey in the country to find out how Indonesian mums are behaving digitally in the year 2021.

Below are the highlights of this report:

Majority of Indonesian mums use food delivery, transport, and healthcare apps

Only 22% of mothers don’t use food delivery apps, 23% do not use transport apps, and 15% do not use healthcare apps. The majority of Indonesian mothers who don’t use these applications are mums from non-NCR regions!

Mums will continue to shop online even after the pandemic

After the pandemic, Indonesian mothers are expecting to still continue online shopping regularly. 44% are firm about this. However, 36% will reduce online shopping and 20% are not yet sure. Only 1% of mothers are going to stop online shopping post-COVID.

The majority of mums use Shopee for online shopping

95% of Indonesian mothers are online shopping. Many of these mums prefer to use Shopee for online shopping. 79% of them do! While their second favourite is Lazada at 13%.

Mums like checking product reviews and compare prices before buying online

When buying online, mums in Indonesia do a lot of research before checking out their carts. These mums like checking product reviews on the e-commerce pages of what they’re thinking of buying and other reviews on social media platforms.`

Indonesian mothers also like comparing the prices of products in retail stores and other platforms.

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