Consumer Voice: Formula Milk Edition 2021

Take a look at the performance of the top formula milk brands in Southeast Asia from the perspective of Southeast Asian mums.


What’s Inside

Executive Summary


This study explores the performances of formula milk brands across Southeast Asia through the perspective of digital mums.

Below are the highlights and the questions this report provides answers to:

Demographics of this Report

A total of 5172 mums with children from ages 0-36 months are a part of this report. 1,618 from Indonesia. 838 from Malaysia. 1,154 from the Philippines. 632 from Singapore. 930 from Thailand.

Q: How did you measure the performances of formula milk brands in this study?

To evaluate the performance of formula milk brands, our team is using a new metric called Overall Brand Score (OBS).

OBS reveals overall brand health and we measure it by taking 7 parameters into account. The following parameters are Meet Needs, Love, Uniqueness, Value for Money, Satisfaction, Recommendation, and Trustworthiness.

The mums in this study rates formula milk brands through a 7-point scale. For more information regarding the methods we use for this study, please download the report.

Q: How did the formula milk brands involved perform?

All formula milk brands in the study have performed well in delivering value and satisfying our digital mums. Across all markets, brands achieve an OBS of 5.31 to 6.13 out of 7. The brand scores for different formula milk brands have hovered around the industry average of respective countries. The close scores could also signify the high competitiveness in the formula milk category.

However, mums give a relatively low score to brands for uniqueness.

Q: Where do Southeast Asian mothers buy formula milk?

All Southeast Asian markets in the study prefer buying formula milk from brick and mortar stores, with the exception of Singapore. Among brick & mortar stores, supermarket/hypermarket is the most popular channel to purchase formula milk in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. While in Indonesia, their go-to stores are minimarts.

Singapore has a more balanced market wherein almost 50/50 of mums go to both brick & mortar stores and online stores for formula milk purchases.

Q: How do mums become aware of formula milk brands?

Across all markets, family/friends’ recommendation is the top sources of awareness for mothers. This is closely followed by parenting apps and online content.

One thing to note is that tv commercials are no longer effective in terms of increasing awareness for digital mums (except in Indonesia.)

Q: How often do mums purchase formula milk in a month?

Mums from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand purchase the most number of formula milk packs per month (average of 6). They are followed by Malaysia wherein mums purchase around 4 packs each month. Singaporean mums purchase the least number of packs per month (3). This is because mums from Singapore purchase bigger packs each time they shop for formula milk.

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