Beauty Mom Survey 2022 Indonesia

Join us and dive into the behaviors, habits and attitude of Indonesian moms when it comes to beauty products!


What’s Inside

Executive Summary


The emergence of numerous beauty care products and the increasing awareness of skin care towards personal grooming and beauty resulted in high growth for the beauty industry in the recent years. No doubt the biggest consumer group of beauty products are women, but how do they change their behaviors and opinions to respond to the needs of this highly important stage of their lives: motherhood?

Beauty Mom Survey (BMS) is a syndicated report that investigates and uncover the attitudes and behaviors of moms in 2022.

Some of the key highlights from the survey include:
1. Moms’ attitude towards skincare products
2. Moms’ favorite skincare brands
3. Moms’ current skincare habit
4. Moms’ knowledge on skincare contents
5. How do moms’ purchase their skincare products?
6. What should advertisers do?

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